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IASS News November 2011


Sponsorship Conferences

Overview of conferences sponsored by IASS in 2011 and 2012


The objective of the IASS is to promote the study and development of the theory and practice of statistical censuses and surveys and associated subject throughout the world. To pursue this objective, the IASS is able to provide limited financial support to relevant conferences and workshops. In addition, the IASS is keen to promote such activities and related outputs.


The IASS has supported the following conferences:



  • Second ITAlian COnference on Survey Methodology ITACOSM11 (Italy)
  • Second International Workshop on Applied Statistics with Special Topics in Survey Sampling and Census Data (Columbia)
  • International Workshop on Using Multi-level Data from Sample Frames, Auxiliary Databases, Paradata and Related Sources to Detect and Adjust for Nonresponse Bias in Surveys (US)
  • Third Baltic-Nordic Conference on Survey Statistics BaNoCoSS-2011 (Sweden)
  • International Workshop, 3rd Brazilian School on Sampling III ESAMP (Brazil)



  • Fourth International Conference on Establishment Surveys (ICES IV) (Canada)
  • International Conference for Surveying and Enumerating Hard to Reach Populations (H2R) (US)
  • Seventh Francophone Conference on Sampling (sondages2012) (France)


Change of Address

The IASS Secretariat moves from Libourne to The Hague.


For a long time INSEE facilitated the IASS Secretariat, but this will change as of 2012. The administrative tasks for the IASS performed by INSEE in Libourne will be transferred to the ISI Permanent Office in The Hague, The Netherlands. This will have a number of consequences

  • Fees will have to increase slightly and will now be (in Euros)



Individual Fees

Institutional Fees


Developed Countries




Developing Countries




  • For all issues regarding your fees and updates to your personal data, your new contact is: Mrs. Margaret de Ruiter-Molloy, e-mail
  • In the longer run, the most important change will be the revision of the IASS statutes as the IASS will move from French law to Dutch law.
  • Since the working language of the ISI is English, a further implication for French speaking members of the IASS is that this move to the ISI Office could lead to a decrease in the use of French in IASS communications. The IASS is looking for French speaking members who are willing to volunteer their time to translate IASS communications into French.


The key person responsible for ensuring a smooth transition from Libourne to The Hague is the current IASS Executive Director, Catherine Meunier. She will remain in this position until the next IASS General Assembly in Hong Kong in 2013.