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ISI General Assembly:

Decisions from the Meeting of 25th August 2011


The ISI General Assembly (GA) Meeting was held during the 58th ISI World Statistics Congress (WSC) in Dublin, Ireland, on Thursday, 25th of August 2011. Please find below a summary of the important points of the meeting. The entire presentation of the ISI General Assembly is also available on the ISI website in the ISI members-only pages. A separate summary on the decisions of the ISI Executive Committee and ISI Council can also be found here.


  • The ISI GA approved the ISI Executive Committee’s 2010 Annual Report.
  • The ISI Finances were presented at the ISI GA. The main observations are as follows:
    • The income side of the ISI finances is rather weak as income from publications remained at the same level and the various incomes from memberships have not increased.
    • The ISI’s regular income is sufficient to cover the regular operational expenses. New activities and projects are mainly financed through investment income and external funding.
    • The ISI maintains a good amount of reserves.
  • The appointment of Member Auditors Jelke Bethlehem and Günther Kopsch for 2010 and 2011 was approved.
  • The Report of the Member Auditors for 2010 was approved by the ISI GA.
  • The appointment of Member Auditors Jelke Bethlehem and Wim Senden for 2011-2013 was approved.
  • The ISI GA approved the revised ISI Statutes and By-Laws. The most important changes, the process and the results of the voting are mentioned here.
    • Changes:
      • A regular ISI membership category is created and is open to all interested individuals; ISI elected membership remains and the elections process is unchanged.
      • The governance and organisational structure of the ISI is modernised and the roles of the ISI GA, ISI Associations (formerly Sections), ISI Council and ISI Executive Committee are clarified.
      • A revision of the nominations process for ISI President-Elect and ISI Vice-Presidents is included.
      • The voting process and communication with the ISI membership can now be done through electronic means.
      • The working language of the ISI is English. The language of the future ISI World Statistics Congresses is English with the possibility to include the local language.
      • The ISI Statutes and By-Laws were also updated to follow current Dutch law.
    • Process:
      • The ISI Executive Committee, in consultation with the ISI membership and discussions with the ISI Council, outlined relevant changes for the future of the ISI.
      • The ISI Council endorsed the proposed changes at its meeting in July 2010. The ISI Council also provided advice on the procedures for consulting with the ISI members.
      • The ISI membership was consulted and the voting process took place from 1st April-30th June 2011.
      • Mail ballots were sent to ISI members eligible to vote and voting was made possible through the ISI website. The votes were counted by the 8th August 2011.
    • Voting Results:
      • The requirement according to the then current statutes and by-laws stated that at least one-third of the members must participate in the voting process.
      • As per the official count, 864 members voted which is 44.8% of the membership. 815 members (94.3%) voted in support of the new statutes and by-laws and 49 members (5.7%) voted against.
      • The revised ISI Statutes and By-Laws were presented to the ISI GA for adoption in Dublin. The ISI GA approved.
  • ISI Associations (formerly Sections) presented their reports of their activities since the ISI Durban Session in 2009 until the ISI Dublin WSC.
  • The Chair of the ISI Programme Coordinating Committee Murray Cameron presented his report regarding the scientific programme for the ISI Dublin WSC and gave suggestions for future ISI WSCs.
  • The Hong Kong hosts for the 59th ISI WSC in Hong Kong, SAR China, extended their invitation to the ISI GA to participate in the next WSC.
  • The ISI GA approved the invitation from Brazil to host the ISI WSC in Rio de Janeiro in July 2015.
  • ISI President Jef Teugels thanked the ISI Executive Committee, ISI Council and ISI members for their support over the past two years.