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ISI Executive Committee and ISI Council

Decisions of August 2011


The incoming and outgoing ISI Councils and Executive Committees (EC) met in Dublin prior to the ISI WSC.


The major decisions by the Council and EC are:

  • The Council approved the Annual Report 2010 to be presented to the General Assembly for endorsement.
  • The Council approved the transitional process for the Nominations Committee in light of the revised Statutes and By-Laws. Four Vice-Presidents will be elected so that two Vice-Presidents serve for two years and two Vice-Presidents serve for four years. The two Vice-Presidents with the most votes will take the four-year terms.
  • The Council noted the draft Strategic Plan 2011-2016 and made several suggestions for further improvement. The Executive Committee will incorporate several suggestions and publish the Strategic Plan 2011-2016 on the ISI website before the end of 2011.
  • The Council approved the composition of the Short Courses Committee for Hong Kong WSC under the chairmanship of Mr. Steve Heeringa.
  • The Council accepted the terms of reference for the ISI Awards Committee. The composition of the Committee will be worked on and published soon.
  • The Council discussed the draft terms of reference for the ISI Advisory Board on Ethics. It was recommended to elaborate further during several consultations at the occasion of the WSC in Dublin.
  • The Council endorsed the proposal for ISI support to the letter written by the American Statistical Association to the UN Special Rapporteur on the promotion and protection of the right to freedom of opinion and expression with regard to the issues that occurred in Argentinean statistics.
  • The Council approved the Rules of Procedure and the composition of the Young Statisticians Committee under chairmanship of Mr Victor Panaretos.
  • The Council welcomed the report about the ISI Publications Activities. Especially the possibilities for reduced subscription fees for Significance magazine and the new e-journal for rapid communication of statistics research were welcomed.
  • The Council appreciated the plans for ISI Capacity Building Project and the ISI Mentoring Project.
  • The Council took note of the outcome of the ISI Leadership Workshop in Addis Ababa en welcomed the plans for future workshops in Asia and Africa.
  • The Executive Committee decided to raise the ISI elected membership fee 2012 to € 76 (was € 73 in 2011) as a result of inflation over the past few years and considering the membership fee has not been raised in a few years.
  • The Executive Committee considered the membership fee for the new category of regular members to be € 50. For members from less developed countries that will be one-third.
  • The Executive Committee considered that the future structure of the Committee on Agricultural Statistics will take some more time in light of new activities.
  • The Executive Committee learned about the activities undertaken by the Committee Women in Statistics.
  • The Executive Committee welcomed the progress of the ISI Astrostatistics Committee and Network.
  • The Executive Committee welcomed ASA representatives Mr. Ron Wasserstein (Executive Director) and Mr. Bob Rodrigues (President-Elect) for an exchange of views on how to enhance the cooperation between the ISI and ASA.  The EC expressed support of the ASA letter to the UN Rapporteur on Argentina Statistics and welcomed the ideas for the 2013 International Year of Statistics.