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Activities of the ISI Committee on Women in Statistics in Dublin



The ISI Committee on Women in Statistics (CWS) is anticipating three events that will be open to all ISI meeting attendees in Dublin.  The events will include an invited session, a topic-contributed session, and a networking reception.  The sessions and reception have been developed to support the roles of the CWS which are to:

  • Promote and strengthen the representation of women statisticians in the ISI and its Sections by nominating women to become members,
  • Help in providing opportunities for women members to assume active and visible roles in the ISI and other statistical associations,
  • Collect information on women in the statistical professions in different countries and to facilitate the flow of information among women statisticians,
  • Stimulate interest in Statistics among women and encourage women in schools and colleges to study statistics,
  • Support the compilation of statistics on women, with a view to generating relevant studies concerning women's  roles in the various activities in their countries.


Denise Silva, committee representative for South America, has organized a session on Womens role in Fighting Poverty and the Informal Economy. The session objective is to present surveys and  innovative statistical analysis that investigate the link between gender, poverty and women’s participation  in the informal economy.  This link is well-known between researchers, policy makers and the general public.  Across the world, women are likely to be employed (or self-employed) in the informal sector, either as a strategy for fighting poverty or due to the need  to accommodate family/motherhood duties with part time jobs.  In this session we bring together the experience of users and producers of statistical data related to this subject in order to: 1) highlight its relevance and the continuing need for data on this subject; 2) discuss/identify difficulties in producing this type of data; and 3) present innovative surveys or statistical analysis on this topic.  Three papers relevant to the areas of poverty, gender issues, labour market and the informal economy will be presented.  The paper presenters come from different continents and discuss related issues in different environments.


Ola Awad,  the country representative for Palestine, has organized the special topic session entitled  “Women in the Labor Market of the Arab Region: Facts and Challenges.” This session sheds light on women’s rights in the labor market of Arab countries including the Mediterranean, Gulf, and Al Maghrieb countries, and brings to the attention of the international community the assistance desired to empower the participation of women in the labour market development process.


The committee will also host a reception for women attendees at the meetings on Wednesday at 17:30 directly following the scientific sessions for the day.  We have obtained sponsorship from Minitab, UK.  We will be inviting all ISI attendees but advertising it as a women’s networking reception.  We are planning ice breakers to immediately engage attendees in meeting other women.  The informal networking and ice breakers will be followed by roundtable discussions focusing on the five roles of the CWS stated above.  We plan to convene roundtables with women working in the same sector of statistics to facilitate networking and connecting potential mentor/mentee relationships.  We are currently soliciting individuals who will facilitate the roundtable discussions.  The facilitators will find a rapporteur for their roundtable who will provide a summary of their roundtable discussion to be posted on the Committee website: http://www.nass.usda.gov/cws.   If you are willing to be a facilitator for one of the roundtables, please contact the committee chair, Cynthia Clark at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  We are not planning either entertainment or speakers as they would detract from the main objectives of facilitating networking and mentoring among women statisticians.


We are seeking suggestions for a topic to submit for an invited session for the ISI meetings in Hong Kong in 2013.  If you have a suggestion, or have a paper that you would like to contribute related to the committee roles around which a session might be built, or are willing to organize a session, please contact Cynthia Clark.


The CWS has positioned itself to move forward to engage women statisticians throughout the world. The committees active program at the bi-annual ISI meeting is designed to engage women in technical and social settings.   Between those meetings the committee operates through its website at http://www.nass.usda.gov/cws that facilitates connecting women within and across countries.  The committee members represent different regions of the world.  They are supported through a network of country representatives.  There are currently 8 committee members and 35 country representatives.  Country representatives facilitate the roles of the committee by networking among statisticians in their country, arranging events at individual country statistical meetings, and by supporting individuals to become ISI members.  If you are interested in becoming a country representative, please contact Cynthia Clark.



Dr. Cynthia Clark