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IASS Incoming Council Elected


The results of the IASS elections for the incoming Council are now available. The new Council that will take over following the General Assembly in Dublin will be as follows:


President (2011-2013)

Ray Chambers (Australia)


Danny Pfeffermann (Israel)

Vice-Presidents (2011-2013)

Denise Britz do N. Silva (Brazil)


Steven Heeringa (USA)

Scientific Secretary (2011-2013)

Ineke Stoop (The Netherlands)

Council Members serving (2011-2015)

Christine Bycroft (New Zealand)


Ka-Lin Karen Chan (China)


Olivier Dupriez (Belgium/USA)


Natalie Shlomo (UK)


Marcel de Toledo Vieira (Brazil)


Alvaro Gonzalez Villalobos (Argentina)

Council Members serving (2009-2013)

Mike Hidiroglou (Canada)


Edith D. de Leeuw (The Netherlands)


Monica Pratesi (Italy)


Mick P. Couper (USA)


Eva Elvers (Sweden)


Yves Tille (Belgium)


Congratulations to the new members of Council, and many thanks to the Nominations Committee that provided an excellent list of candidates. The Nominations Committee was chaired by David Marker, with members: Frank Nolan, Lars Lyberg, DalasayMaligalig, Denise Lievesley, Pedro de Silva and Jairo Arrow.