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ISI Executive Committee Meets in The Hague


In its meeting on Thursday 7 and Friday 8 April 2011, the ISI Executive Committee met at the ISI Permanent Office in The Hague.

Although many items appeared on the EC Agenda, all discussions were concluded in time and with satisfactory results.



WSC 2011 in Dublin

  • The report of the Chair of the Programme Coordinating Committee, Murray Cameron, was well received. The scientific programme encompasses thus far 120 Invited Paper Sessions (IPS), with 31 papers for Water Theme Day. In total, the programme will consist of 250 sessions.
  • The EC welcomed the recommendations by the Programme Coordinating Committee Chair for future improvements regarding the programming process.
  • The programmes for the Opening Ceremony on Sunday 21st of August, the novel ISI & Sections’ Awards Ceremony and ISI General Assembly, both on Thursday 25th, as well as the Closing Ceremony for the handover to Hong Kong on Friday 26th were discussed and planned in detail.
  • The EC confirmed that a mixer will be organized for Young Statisticians on Monday 22nd, as well as the reception for ISI elected members. Lunch time events will be organized on Tuesday 23rd for National Statistical Societies and on Thursday 25th for National Statistical Offices and International Organisations. Also, a network opportunity for Women in Statistics is foreseen on Thursday evening 25th.
  • The programme of 21 Short Courses prior to the WSC was confirmed.
  • The EC approved the request for 2 Satellite Meetings organized by TIES. This will make a total of 9 Satellite Meetings at the 2011 WSC.


WSC 2013 in Hong Kong

  • The EC approved the composition of the ISI 2013 Scientific Programme Committee (SPC) for Hong Kong. The SPC Chair is Professor Xuming He (Singapore) of the University of Illinois in the United States.


Revision of the Statutes and By-Laws

  • The EC looked into a few remarks made by members about the revision of the Statutes and By-Laws. The EC decided to give feedback to those who commented. Replies will appear as FAQs (frequently asked questions) on the website.


ISI EC Report 2010 to the ISI General Assembly

  • The EC decided that the annual report 2010 will follow the outline of the 2009 report. The report will be presented to the ISI General Assembly in Dublin.


ISI Finances

  • The EC considered the general principles for the preparation of budgets for the ISI. The preparatory process and planning & control cycle were examined and will be spelled out in detail.
  • The EC approved the Preliminary Financial Report 2010. Finalization waits for the report of the external auditors and final results of some Publishers.
  • The EC took note of the decision of the Dutch Tax Inspector about the VAT ruling for the ISI.
  • The Budget 2011 was examined and adjustments proposed. Full presentation will happen during the ISI General Assembly in Dublin.
  • A structure for distribution of costs over ISI and Sections will be prepared for discussion with the Sections in August in Dublin.
  • Possibilities for more external fundraising to cover new ISI initiatives need to be investigated further.


Membership Acquisition Strategy

  • The proposed actions in the Membership Acquisition Strategy for recruiting new ISI members (elected, institutional and eventually regular) were welcomed. The EC decided to undertake several actions and initiatives. Specific actions and incentives will be announced on the ISI website.


ISI Advisory Board on Ethics/Country Specific Interventions

  • The ISI spoke about the options for an ISI Advisory Board on Ethics and the question when and how the ISI should intervene on breaches of the ISI Declaration on Professional Ethics and/or UN Fundamental Principles of Official Statistics. The IAOS contributed a discussion note.
  • The work on the possible Advisory Board will continue with the aim to present a concrete proposal and terms of reference for decision by the ISI Council.
  • The EC investigated the need for a new intervention on the case of Argentina.


ISI High Level Workshop ‘Leadership in Modern Statistical Systems’ in Addis Ababa 14-16 March 2011

  • The evaluation report of the ISI High Level Workshop in Addis Ababa was welcomed. The EC endorsed the recommendations for improvements and follow-up of the workshop. Future workshops in other parts of the world are planned.


ISI Statistical Capacity Building & Mentoring Programmes

  • The ISI Programme for Statistical Capacity Building will hopefully start with a pilot project later in 2011.
  • The EC decided to elaborate further on the concept of Mentoring Programmes, making use of the knowledge of ISI members for the benefit of students in developing countries. An outline for the programme and supporting structure will be drafted. Cooperation with similar programmes elsewhere will be sought in order to join forces.


International Year of Statistics

  • The possibilities for organization of an International Year of Statistics were explored and it was decided to undertake further research.


ISI Publications:

  • The EC was happy to learn the latest positive developments for the launching of a new electronic journal, ESTRO. Negotiations with the publisher will continue with the hope to start the journal in 2012.
  • A small task force will elaborate the business case for the successor to the ISI Newsletter.


National Statistical Societies

  • The EC was pleased with attempts to have all NSS Presidents elected as ISI members and actions in this direction will be continued.


ISI Strategic Plan 2011-2015

  • A first draft for the ISI Strategic Plan 2011-2015 was discussed. An updated version will be prepared for adoption by the ISI Council in August.


ISI Committees

  • The list of ISI Committees and updates passed in review and follow-up actions were decided. All Committees will be asked to report about their activities in Dublin.
  • The composition and guidelines for the ISI Nominations Committee were decided. Stephan Morgenthaler has been appointed Chair of the Committee.
  • The future structure and role of the ISI Committee on Agricultural Statistics were discussed. Following more detailed consultations, a proposal will be put before the ISI Council in Dublin.
  • The EC applauded the proposal for an ISI Committee on Young Statisticians. The proposal will be further elaborated for approval by the ISI Council in Dublin.
  • The present Chair of the ISI Risk Analysis Committee, Lutz Edler, wishes to resign after many years of excellent service. A successor will soon be appointed.


Work Plan of the ISI Permanent Office

  • The EC welcomed the Work Plan 2011 of the ISI Permanent Office and the informative overview of regular work of the staff. The EC agreed with a temporary extension of a labor contract by one additional work day per week.