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High Level Workshop Leadership in Modern Statistical Systems in Addis Ababa


Eighteen participants from Anglophone African countries participated.



ISI organized in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, the High Level Workshop ‘Leadership in Modern Statistical Systems’ from 14-16 March 2011.

The participants discussed for three days the key principles and practices of National Statistical Offices such as:

  • The UN Fundamental Principles, their content, implications and application in the everyday life of an NSO
  • Codes of practices, experience of good and bad practices etc.
  • Organizational and management issues
  • Planning and prioritization
  • Communication – with government, main users, media and international agencies and other statistical capacity building donors
  • International co-operation.


The discussions were lively and contributed to the success of the workshop. The participants recommended repeating workshop in Africa or other regions in the world.  The ISI Executive Meeting decided exploring the organisation of similar workshops in future.