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A Scientific Programme in Formation


Featured at the 58th ISI WSC 2011 in Dublin


The scientific programme of the ISI World Statistics Congress is now nearly complete. The Local Programme Committee has now received almost 1600 abstracts. In addition to the President’s Invited Speakers, there will be about 120 Invited Paper Sessions (IPS) and 70 Special Topic Sessions (STS). The IPS programme was largely defined by May 2010, via a process that began in Durban. The STS programme was well defined in September 2010. Jointly these now involve about 700 authors.


About 30 of the IPS will focus on the Theme for 2011: “Water Theme Day: Statistical Aspects”. The Theme Day is of course a novel aspect of the ISI Dublin Congress. Work has already begun on the Youth Theme for Hong Kong in 2013. The first draft timetable of the IPS and STS programmes will be formed by the end of March 2011.


From about 900 Contributed Paper (CP) proposals, roughly 700 will be accepted; acceptance notes should be issued before the end of March. More than 35 reviewers, mostly international, have been involved in this process, each paper being separately reviewed by three reviewers. Their work is gratefully acknowledged.


This review process for CPS is a new feature of the ISI Dublin Congress. It will help to improve the quality of the Contributed Paper Session (CPS) aspect of the programme. It was also partly necessitated by the very packed IPS and STS programmes, of which the new Theme Day is an aspect. Further, the ISI Dublin Congress has a tight 5-day programme.


Roughly 450 of the CP will be delivered orally. About 250 will be delivered as posters. All poster presenters will also present their papers in short oral Poster Spotlight sessions. Spotlight sessions are a further novelty for an ISI Congress, but they are a well established part of many modern conferences.


In a Poster Spotlight, a group of about seven cognate CPs are presented in a tightly structured 15-minute oral presentation, involving precisely two slides per CP. These sessions allow the authors to advertise the accompanying posters, each of which will be on display for one entire day in the Exhibition Forum, where delegates will also find refreshment and sponsored exhibits. Typically presenters will be available for discussion beside their posters during the lunch breaks.