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Poster Spotlights – Volunteers Needed to Pilot Test a New System


Featured at the 58th ISI WSC 2011 in Dublin


In a novel part of the ISI Dublin Congress, some of the Poster Spotlights – perhaps 10 or 15 – will be presented within an Invited Paper or a Special Topic Session. Here, with the cooperation of the Organiser, a carefully selected set of about seven Contributed Papers will be presented for 15 minutes within the 135 minutes allocated to each Session.


The presenters will thus be presenting their work to an audience within which there will be several world experts, inviting them to discuss its details later at the posters. Many of the presenting authors will themselves be at an early stage in their career, or perhaps embarking on a change in direction within their research. Many session organisers will welcome the opportunity to encourage such new researchers, in this case by facilitating them to present their work to a group of world class researchers. Of course, several such sessions will already be too tightly scheduled to offer 15 minutes to new researchers; and other logistical issues mean that this cannot work for all such sessions.


This is a further novelty of the ISI Dublin Congress. It is somewhat experimental; and its success will rest heavily on the enthusiasm and skills of the session organiser and the session chair. Several have already expressed a willingness to help us to develop and evaluate a new presentation system. The Chair of the Local Programme Committee would be delighted to discuss this further; please contact John Haslett at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..