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SCORUS: Report on the IAOS Chile Conference


Active involvement in the IAOS Conference programs continues to be strong for the Standing Committee on Regional and Urban Statistics (SCORUS). In the recent IAOS Conference on Official Statistics and the Environment: Approaches, Issues, Challenges and Linkages (20-22 October 2010, Santiago, Chile), SCORUS provided a theme tract focusing on the interaction of environmental, social and economic statistics at a local level. The track benefited greatly from the active involvement of Housing and Urban Studies Commission (CEHU), Ministry of Housing and Urban Development (MINVU), Chile, in terms of paper contributions and discussion in all sessions.


All of the presentations are available online at http://encina.ine.cl/iaos2010ingles/PRESENTATIONS.aspx in the clearly marked SCORUS sessions on Day 1 and Day 2. Full papers are accessible at http://encina.ine.cl/iaos2010ingles/PROGRAM.aspx.


Each session attracted 50-75 attendees and generated considerable discussion during the sessions and continuing into breaks and lunch periods. Most important were the discussions between statisticians focusing on local area statistics, analysis and visualization and the national level collectors and producers of data. The five topics covered in the SCORUS sessions included:


  • Regional Energy Supply and the Environment: the Statistical Challenges
  • Sustainable Economic Development of Cities and Regions
  • Cities, the Environment and Climate Change
  • Regional interaction of Environmental, social and Economic Statistics
  • Assessing the Environmental Quality of Life at the Local Level


These sessions explored the special challenges of measurement for small areas, the development and analysis of indicators, the use of visualization tools in terms of both data analysis and communication, the relationship between statistical analysis and policy development at the local level, the need for consistent data and geographic areas for the analysis of change over time and space, and the relationship of environmental to assessments of the quality of urban life. Most importantly they brought into focus the need for continued communication and cooperation between national level statistical agencies and the local agencies and organizations that must analyze, evaluate, and communicate statistical information to local policy makers and the public in a way that contributes to the overall quality of life of the area.

For information on joining the SCORUS list server or providing suggestions to the leadership group, please contact SCORUS Secretary, Wendy Thomas at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..



Wendy Thomas