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IASS Scientific Secretary Report – November 2010


IASS Short Courses

The International Association of Survey Statisticians (IASS) has organized seven short courses to be offered prior to the 58th ISI World Statistics Congress. The courses will be led by internationally known experts and are addressed to practitioners, researchers, and students in statistics and survey methodology. The official language of the courses is English. The courses will be offered from 17-20 August 2011 and will consist of two one-day sessions and five two-day sessions, which will allow participants to take multiple courses. The descriptions of the short courses are posted on the IASS website at http://isi.cbs.nl/iass/allUK.htm under Courses.


Planning activities for the IASS short courses are in full gear. We are currently developing a preliminary budget and establishing course fees. To accomplish these goals, we have been communicating with the local organizers and instructors to find out about alternative venues and their costs, possible housing logistics, technological requirements for courses, and variable costs. The course fees will be different depending on the length of the course (one or two-day course), number of courses a participant registers for, group registration, IASS membership status, and whether the country of origin is a developing country or not.


Registration for the short courses and local accommodations will be made possible online through the website for the 58th World Statistics Congress at http://www.isi2011.ie/content.


Participation of members from developing countries is very dependent on financial assistance. Please contact Leyla Mohadjer at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you have any suggestions on potential sponsors or related contacts.


IASS Satellite Meeting on Small Area Estimation – SAE2011

The fourth conference on the small area estimation (SAE2011) will take place in Trier, Germany, 11-13 August 2011, to further stimulate and propagate the current research on small area estimation. The SAE2011 is an official Satellite Meeting of the ISI Dublin World Statistics Congress in 2011. The focus of the meeting encompasses theoretical and methodological developments as well as practical applications of small area estimation methods. The conference is part of the activities of the European Working Group on Small Area Estimation. More details on the format of the conference, venue, and pre-registration is available at: http://sae2011.surveystatistics.net