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Goals of the ISI YS Committee

  • Advise the ISI Executive Committee on:
    • how to encourage young statisticians to join ISI, and what values and benefits should be developed and offered
    • how to promote the careers of YS
    • how we can offer a platform for YS around the world to get together and network
  • Promote and collaborate in mentoring activities
  • Promote awards within conferences and travel awards
  • Organize regional conferences, workshops and short courses/webinars
  • Coordinate with existing ISI regional networks and associations’ specific groups of young statisticians.


The chair and the up to 10 members must be ISI members, considering ISI Associations and geographical diversity.


  • Mara Sherlin D Talento, Philippines


  • Milica Maricic, Serbia
  • Jacque Bon-Isaac Aboy, Philippines
  • Suryo Adi Rakhmawan, Indonesia
  • Peter Ogunyika, Nigeria
  • Ezra Gayawan, Nigeria
  • Zhi Ling Chong, Malaysia
  • Marlene Weinauer, Austria
  • Holger Cevallos-Valdiviezo, Ecuador
  • Gajendra K. Vishwakarma, India
  • Joyce DL. Grajo, Philippines

Liaison with ISI permanent office

Supporting network

We have country and regional representatives who serve as liaisons with members of the network from their region/country. They report to the ISI YS Committee, and should become members of ISI or of an ISI Association.


  • keep track of contact information
  • recruit new members to the network
  • discuss and compile needs at country or regional level
  • identify opportunities for activities that will benefit the region/country, etcetera