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1. Objectives and Expected Products

The Committee is charged to improve and expand the role of statistics in risk analysis. The main focus of the committee will be on human health, welfare, and survival, but the committee will also pursue activities as indicated in risks to the environment and ecology, physical structures, agriculture, and other matters of concern. Specific interests include the identification of hazards, quantification of risks including susceptibility and risk modifiers, and assessment of exposures.


Toward this end, the Committee will undertake high priority activities from the following:

  1. Provide a forum, at organized sessions of ISI annual meetings and elsewhere, for statisticians and others to discuss common problems and interests related to the identification and quantification of risk.
  2. Stimulate and sponsor Cutting Edge Conferences on specific aspects of risk analysis that are of statistical interest.
  3. Promote the preparation of review papers on aspects of risk analysis for submission to and possible publication in the ISI Review and other scientific and technical publications.
  4. Work toward harmonization of terminology, concepts, and classifications in the study and presentation of statistical findings related to risk.
  5. Encourage the preparation and sharing of teaching materials related to statistical aspects of risk analysis.
  6. Improve and strengthen the role of risk analysis in the management of risks.
  7. To convey the fundamental concepts of risk analysis to the general public.


2. Composition


Teresa P. C. A. Oliveira Universidade Aberta, Lisbon,  Portugal

North America

John C Bailar III USA
A John Bailer USA
David Banks USA
Edward L Melnick USA
Mehmet Sahinoglu USA


Zeinab Amin Egypt


Byung-Soo Kim South Korea
Ho Kim South Korea
Amitava Mukherjee India
Tsuyoshi Nakamura Japan


Helena Bacelar-Nicolau Portugal
Esben Budtz-Jorgensen Denmark
David Rios Insua Spain
Maria Ivette Leal de Carvalho Gomes Portugal
Christos P Kitsos Greece
Amilcar Oliveira Portugal

South America

Miguel de Carvalho  Chile
Victor Leiva Chile
Roberval Lima Brazil


Liaison with ISI PO: Olivia van Dijck-Timbol.





ICRA-7, 7th International Conference on Risk Analysis in honour of Professor Maria Ivette Gomes, 3 - 5 May 2017, Northeastern University of Illinois-Chicago, IL USA: https://conferencesstat.wixsite.com/icra7/icra-info .