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Strategic Priority

The ISI Strategic Plan 2017-2021 defines the Statistical Capacity Building as a one of the Strategic Priorities of the ISI.


The ISI has been actively helping to build statistical capacity in developing countries. The 2013 White Paper on statistical capacity building (SCB) defines our objectives as: enabling statistical practitioners in the public and private sectors to use state-of-the-art methods for data collection, analysis and interpretation; and contributing to the development of statistical infrastructure and human resources in official, survey, and business statistics as well as in statistical education and research.

ISI Statistical Capacity Building Committee & Task Force

To accelerate our efforts in developing countries, in 2013 the ISI launched the ISI Statistical Capacity Building Committee (ISI SCB). Its role is to advise the ISI Executive Committee on the planning, development and implementation of appropriate initiatives, besides promoting them directly.

The SCB objectives, as stated above, are very broad and can be seen to cover many of the ISI’s overall objectives. To focus and to clarify the ISI priorities and capabilities, to define the role of the SCB committee more specifically, and to define our strategic contribution among the other SCB players, ISI and its Associations should work more closely together and provide good coordination, cooperation and communication with other SCB providers.

In 2018 the ISI EC set up a task force to define what we do well, what kind of capacity are we building, who are our target recipients, what capacity we have to do this, what our priorities are, how we work with the associations, which partners will we work with (including national statistical societies), how it is to be delivered, how it can be maintained, how quality can be maintained, how SCB is to be organised and managed (the role of the SCB committee), and how can we get feedback and measure the impact.

The Task Force (TF) was asked to bring forward a plan by July 2018. This resulted in The ISI SCB Strategy and Action Plan 2019–2021 and beyond. The TF members have continued their work as the ISI SCB Committee members. They are tasked with the implementation of the Action plan, as well as some management and fund raising issues.

ISI Workshops on Leadership and Management

The ISI has organized a series of Workshops on Leadership and Management for Heads of NSOs in Africa and Asia.

Other international workshops