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Country Organisation Institutional Corporate Affiliate
Afghanistan Central Statistics Organization Institutional    
Algeria Bank of Algeria   Corporate  
Armenia National Statistical Service Institutional    
  Central Bank of Armenia    Corporate  
Australia UTS School of Mathematical Sciences   Corporate  
  Statistical Society Australia Inc.     Affiliate
  Australian Bureau of Statistics  Institutional Corporate  
Austria Statistics Austria Institutional    
  Oesterreichische Nationalbank   Corporate  
  UNIDO Institutional    
  Austrian Statistical Society     Affiliate
Barbados Barbados Statistical Service Institutional    
Belarus Nat. Statistical Committee, Republic of Belarus Institutional    
Belgium National Bank of Belgium   Corporate  
  Statistics and Economic Information Institutional Corporate  
  Gembloux Agro-Bio Tech (GxABT)   Corporate  
  Belgian Statistical Society     Affiliate
Brazil IBGE Institutional Corporate  
Bulgaria National Statistical Institute (NSI) of Bulgaria Institutional    
Canada ICAO Institutional    
  IAMG     Affiliate
  UNESCO, UIS Institutional    
  Statistics Canada Institutional Corporate  
Chile Central Bank of Chile   Corporate  
  Instituto Nac. De Estadistica (INE) Institutional    
  UN ECLAC Institutional    
China National Bureau of Statistics of China Institutional Corporate Affiliate
Colombia Sociedad Colombiana de Estadística (SCE)     Affiliate
Cyprus Statistical Service of the Republic of Cyprus Institutional    
Czech Republic Czech Statistical Office Institutional    
  Czech National Bank   Corporate  
Denmark Danish Society for Theoretical Statistics     Affiliate
  Statistics Denmark Institutional Corporate  
  Aarhus Univ., Dept. of Mathematical Scis.   Corporate  
  Danmarks Nationalbank   Corporate  
Dominican Republic National Statistics Office Institutional    
Egypt CAPMAS Institutional    
Estonia Statistics Estonia Institutional    
Ethiopia UN Economic Commission for Africa Institutional    
  Central Statistical Agency of Ethiopia Institutional    
Fiji Bureau of Statistics Institutional    
Finland The Finnish Statistical Society     Affiliate
  Statistics Finland Institutional Corporate  
France INSEE Institutional Corporate  
  OECD Institutional    
  Sociéte Francaise de Statistique     Affiliate
  Banque de France   Corporate  
Gambia Gambia Bureau of Statistics Institutional    
Georgia National Statistics Office Institutional    
  Georgian Statistical Society     Affiliate
Germany Deutsche Bundesbank, Dept. of Statistics   Corporate  
  Karlsruher Inst. für Technologie (KIT)     Affiliate
  GfK - Nürnberg e.v.   Corporate  
  Verband Deutscher Städtestatistiker     Affiliate
  Statistiches Bundesamt Institutional Corporate  
  German Statistical Society     Affiliate
  European Central Bank (ECB)   Corporate  
Hungary Maria Kopp Institute for Demography and Families   Corporate  
Greece Hellenic Statistical Authority (ELSTAT) Institutional    
Hong Kong, SAR China Census & Statistics Department Institutional    
Hungary Hungarian Central Statistical Office Institutional   Affiliate
Iceland The Statistical Bureau of Iceland Institutional    
  Central Bank of Iceland   Corporate  
India Ministry of Statistics & Programme Implementation Institutional    
  Reserve Bank of India   Corporate  
Indonesia Central Bureau of Statistics Institutional    
  Bank Indonesia, Statistics Department   Corporate  
Iran, Islamic Republic of Statistical Centre of Iran Institutional    
  Central Bank of Islamic Republic of Iran   Corporate  
Ireland Central Statistics Office Institutional Corporate  
  Central Bank of Ireland   Corporate  
Israel Central Bureau of Statistics Institutional    
Italy Banca d'Italia   Corporate  
  Univ. degli Studi di Padova   Corporate  
  Società Italiana di Statistica     Affiliate
  ISTAT Institutional Corporate  
  Statistics Division, FAO Institutional    
Jamaica Statistical Institute of Jamaica Institutional    
Japan Bank of Japan   Corporate  
  Policy Planning on Statistical Standards Institutional Corporate  
  Institute of Statistical Mathematics     Affiliate
  Statistics Bureau of Japan Institutional    
  Japan Statistical Society     Affiliate
  U.N. Statistical Inst. for Asia and Pacific (SIAP) Institutional    
  The National Statistics Center of Japan Institutional    
  Statistical Research and Training Institute (SRTI) Institutional    
Jordan AITRS   Corporate  
Kenya United States International Univ.   Corporate  
Korea, Republic of Ministry of Agricultural & Forestry, NAQS   Corporate  
  Statistics Korea Institutional Corporate  
  SPSS Korea Data Solution Inc.   Corporate  
  Bank of Korea   Corporate  
Latvia Central Statistical Bureau Institutional    
  Bank of Latvia   Corporate  
Lebanon UN-ESCWA Institutional    
Liechtenstein Office of Statistics Institutional    
Lithuania Statistics Lithuania Institutional    
Luxembourg European Commission - Eurostat Institutional Corporate  
  STATEC (Service Central de la Stat. & Etudes Econ) Institutional    
  EFTA Statistical Office Institutional    
  Luxembourg Statistical Society      Affiliate
Macao, SAR China Direçcão dos Serviços de Estatística e Censos Institutional Corporate  
Macedonia, Former Yugoslav Rep National Bank of the Republic of Macedonia   Corporate  
  State Statistical Office, Republic of Macedonia Institutional    
Malawi National Statistical Office Institutional    
Malaysia Department of Statistics Malaysia Institutional    
  Bank Negara Malaysia   Corporate  
Martinique IMSEPP   Corporate  
Mauritius Statistics Mauritius Institutional    
  Bank of Mauritius   Corporate  
Mexico Inst. Nacional de Estadística y Geografía (INEGI) Institutional Corporate  
  Asociación Mexicana de Estadística (AME)     Affiliate
  INFOCAM   Corporate  
Mongolia National Statistical Office Institutional    
Montenegro Statistical Office of Montenegro Institutional    
Morocco Directorate of Statistics/HCP Institutional    
Mozambique Instituto Nacional de Estatística Institutional    
Nepal National Statistical Institute (NSI)     Affiliate
Netherlands De Nederlandsche Bank   Corporate  
  Statistics Netherlands Institutional Corporate  
New Zealand New Zealand Statistical Association     Affiliate
  Statistics New Zealand Institutional    
Niger National Institute of Statistics of Niger Institutional    
Norway Norwegian Statistical Association     Affiliate
  Statistics Norway Institutional Corporate  
Oman GCC-STAT Institutional    
Pakistan Federal Bureau of Statistics Institutional    
  State Bank of Pakistan   Corporate  
Palestine, State of Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics (PCBS) Institutional    
Panamá, Republic of Inter-American Stat. Institute (IASI)     Affiliate
Philippines Phillippine Statistical Association Inc.     Affiliate
  Philippines Statistics Authority (PSA) Institutional    
Poland Polish Statistical Association     Affiliate
  Central Statistical Office of Poland Institutional    
Portugal Inst. Nacional de Estatística (INE) Institutional    
  Sociedade Portugesa de Estatistica     Affiliate
  Bank of Portugal, Dept. of Statistics   Corporate  
Puerto Rico Puerto Rico Institute of Statistics Institutional    
Qatar Ministry of Development Planning & Statistics Institutional    
Romania National Institute of Statistics Institutional    
  Romanian Statistical Society     Affiliate
Russian Federation MISO, Higher School of Economics   Corporate  
  Federal State Service Statistics (Rosstat) Institutional Corporate  
  Central Bank of the Russian Federation   Corporate  
Saudi Arabia General Authority of Statistics (GAStat) Institutional    
Senegal ENSAE   Corporate  
Serbia Statistical Office Republic of Serbia Institutional    
Singapore Singapore, Dept. of Statistics Institutional    
Slovakia Statistical Office of the Slovak Republic Institutional    
Slovenia Statistical Society of Slovenia (SSS)      Affiliate
Somalia Mogadishu Statistics Institutional    
South Africa Statistics South Africa Institutional    
South Sudan National Bureau of Statistics (NBS) Institutional    
Spain Institut d'Estadistica de Catalunya (IDESCAT)   Corporate  
  Instituto Nacional de Estadística (INE) Institutional Corporate  
  EUSTAT Institutional    
Suriname General Bureau of Statistics Institutional    
Sweden Uppsala University, Dept. of Statistics   Corporate  
  Statistics Sweden Institutional Corporate  
Switzerland Schweizerische Nationalbank   Corporate  
  World Health Organization Institutional    
  World Trade Organization Institutional    
  Bundesamt für Statistik BFS Institutional    
  UNECE Institutional    
  International Labour Office (ILO) Institutional    
  Monetary and Economic Dept., BIS     Affiliate
  Swiss Statistical Society     Affiliate
  Federal Finance Administration    Corporate  
Taiwan Chinese Statistical Association (Taiwan)     Affiliate
Tanzania, United Republic of Tanzania National Bureau of Statistics (NBS) Institutional    
Thailand Thammasat Univ., Dept.Math. & Statistics   Corporate  
  National Statistical Office Institutional    
  UNESCAP, Statistics Division Institutional    
Tonga Tonga, Department of Statistics Institutional    
Tunisia African Development Bank Group   Corporate  
Turkey Turkish Statistical Institute Institutional    
  Central Bank of the Republic of Turkey   Corporate  
Uganda Uganda Bureau of Statistics Institutional    
United Arab Emirates Federal Competitiveness & Statistics Authority Institutional    
  Statistics Centre Abu Shabi (SCAD)   Corporate  
  Dept. of Economic Development-RAK   Corporate  
  Statistics & Community Dev. - SHARJAH   Corporate  
  CLODE Consultants   Corporate  
United Kingdom Royal Statistical Society     Affiliate
  UK Statistics Authority (UKSA) Institutional Corporate  
  John Wiley & Sons   Corporate  
United States Brigham Young Univ., Dept. of Statistics   Corporate  
  Bureau of Labour Statistics Institutional Corporate  
  UN Population Division Institutional    
  National Center for Health Statistics Institutional Corporate  
  U.S. Census Bureau Institutional Corporate  
  National Agriculture Statistics Service Institutional Corporate  
  United Nations Population Fund Institutional    
  Bureau of Economic Analysis Institutional    
  Iowa State University, Dept. of Statistics   Corporate  
  NCSU, Dept. of Statistics   Corporate  
  International Monetary Fund (IMF) Institutional Corporate  
  American Statistical Association     Affiliate
  World Bank Institutional    
  Westat Inc.   Corporate  
  Univ. of Washington, Dept. of Statistics   Corporate  
  UN Statistics Division Institutional    
  ESRI   Corporate  
Yemen Central Statistical Organization Institutional