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The ISI is a truly international association, bringing together and connecting all those whose work and interests involve statistics in all types of workplaces and from all over the world. All members of the ISI share the recognition of the value of statistics for the development of society.

The ISI is led by the ISI Executive Committee and the Council. The Executive Committee and Council report to the ISI members via Annual Reports and during the ISI General Assembly, which meets annually. Individual ISI members constitute the General Assembly, which is responsible for final decisions and approvals such as changes to the Statutes and appointment of the members of the Executive Committee.

The Executive Committee is made up of a President, President-Elect and four Vice-Presidents, and the Council comprises sixteen elected members and Presidents of the ISI Associations.

The ISI and its seven Associations, which cover a range of statistical areas and interests, make up the ISI family.

Standing and operational committees, special interest groups and regional networks support our work and influence within the international statistical community.

The ISI Permanent Office located in The Hague, The Netherlands, supports the operations of the ISI.