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The ISI is a non-profit, non-government organization and has had consultative status with the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations since 1949.


We have a long History and rich tradition. Officially, the ISI was established in 1885, though the initial international gatherings of statisticians started earlier - back in 1853. Therefore, we are one of the oldest scientific associations still active throughout the world today.

Statutes and By-Laws

The initial 81 members were the elite of that era’s statisticians in government and academia. They established our first statutes which have undergone a number of revisions since then. The current Statutes and By-Laws were adopted in 2011 under Dutch Law.

Mission and Objectives

Our Mission and Objectives are reflected in our slogan “Statistical Science for a Better World” and are supported by Strategic Plans developed every few years by the ISI Executive Committee in consultation with the Council. They focus on the long-term goals of the ISI and on how to realize these goals.

The ISI Community Principles

The ISI Community Principles are fundamental for the ISI community and adhered to by the members of the ISI and the Associations.