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This is a guide that helps you with deciding if and how to proceed. Please note that all other ways to contact ISI will refer to this guide.


  1. You read information about past World Statistics Congresses.

  2. You read the PDF with past WSC locations (http://www.isi-web.org/images/about/WSC.pdf), to see if in the past 20 years your country has already hosted a WSC. If it has, then it is not likely that your proposal will be accepted.

  3. You meet with National Statistical Office officials, expressing your interest in hosting a World Statistics Congress in 6 years from now, asking for support and advices - in the end it is the National Statistical Office that decides to make the offer to host the WSC and eventually which Conference Center fits best to this event.

  4. Hosting the WSC means that your national Government needs to invest 2 million US$ to this event. The National Statistical Office usually secures the Government support for the event.

  5. You send us your plan, supported and signed by officials from the National Statistical Office and ONLY if it contains a financial estimate (until the related year), addressed to the ISI Director: see address below.

  6. The ISI Director will look into the this plan and confirms if it meets the formal requirements.

  7. Subsequently, an official proposal in writing to host the WSC, including the year, should be sent from the host country’s government and National Statistical Office to the ISI President, who, in turn, discusses the proposal with the ISI Executive Committee and Council.

  8. Once a proposal is accepted, an official invitation from the host country’s government is verbally presented to the ISI General Assembly. The diplomatic representative, such as the Ambassador or the chief government Statistician presents this invitation.

  9. There is only one invitation presented per WSC to the ISI General Assembly.


Please note that this event may host up to 3000 visitors from all countries of the world, and the WSC has also very specific demands, compared to other events.

ISI Director Contact
(WSC estimate - year) (please fill in the year)
P.O. Box 24070

2490 AB The Hague
The Netherlands