ISI and Statistical Capacity Building


The ISI has established a Committee on Statistical Capacity Building (SCB) in order to accelerate our efforts in this important area. This document provides information about the committee and SCB-related meetings in Hong Kong (2013) and Rio de Janeiro (2015).


We strongly urge members of the ISI family to get involved in this SCB initiative. The document SCB-Actions identifies number of possible activities. Please write to Jef Teugels, Chair of the ISI-SCB Committee, at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , with your comments and suggestions.


The document SCB-Committee describes the initial statement of objectives and expected products of the committee. The composition of the committee is given in the second document SCB-Committee Composition.


There were open meetings held at the ISI World Statistics Congresses in Hong Kong and Rio; all delegates were invited to attend. The meetings were very well attended, and the participants provided a number of good ideas. The enclosure SCB-OpenMeeting-report reports on these contributions from Hong Kong. The report of Invited Paper Session 116 on Capacity Building from Rio is also available: IPS 116 on Capacity Building


We need your support and look forward to getting your input!


Jef Teugels, Chair, ISI Committee on SCB


Vijay Nair, Co-Chair, ISI Committee on SCB


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