ISI Committees


The ISI Executive Committee and the Standing Committees are components of the ISI's organisational structure. The Standing Committees are currently the Membership Elections Committee and the Nominations Committee. New Standing Committees (Article 10.b ISI Statutes) are installed by the General Assembly at the proposal of the Executive Committee after consultation with the Council.


Apart from these Committees, ISI Committees fall under one of three categories: Operational, Special Interest and Outreach. More >>

Standing Committees

ISI Membership Elections Committee

ISI Nominations Committee 2013-2015


Operational Committees

ISI Advisory Board on Ethics

ISI Finance Committee

ISI Publications Committee

ISI Awards Committee

ISI Scientific Programme Committee (SPC) for Rio de Janeiro WSC in 2015

ISI Short Course Committee (SCC) for Rio de Janeiro WSC in 2015

ISI Statistical Capacity Building Committee


Special Interest Groups

ISI Committee for the Promotion of Statistics in the Life Sciences

ISI Committee on Agricultural Statistics

ISI Committee on Risk Analysis

ISI Sports Statistics Committee

ISI Astrostatistics Committee and Network

ISI Committee on the History of Statistics

ISI Committee on Women in Statistics

ISI Young Statisticians Committee


Outreach Committees

ISI Central EurAsia Outreach Committee

ISI East Asian Outreach Committee

ISI South East Asia Outreach Committee

ISI Khawarezmi Committee on Statistics of Arab Region

ISI Committee Report