ISI Awards

The ISI has prizes and awards that it presents every two years at its biennial World Statistics Congresses. Announcements for nominations, criteria and rules are available during the year before the WSCs. Selection of recipients takes place a few months prior to the WSCs. The prizes and awards are presented at the WSC Awards Ceremony. The ISI Awards Committee assists in the setting up of criteria, processes and selection committees for the various awards, and helps in the coordination of the Awards Ceremony for ISI and Association Awards. For detailed information on each award, please follow the links provided below.


Karl Pearson Prize for Contemporary Research Contribution: The ISI’s Karl Pearson Prize recognizes a contemporary research contribution, published within the last three decades, that has had profound influence on statistical theory, methodology, practice, or applications. The prize is sponsored by Elsevier B.V.
2015 Call for Nominations is closed


Mahalanobis International Award in Statistics: The Mahalanobis International Award is sponsored by the Government of India. It is awarded to a statistician from a developing countryin recognition of lifetime achievements in Statistics and the promotion of best statistical practices in a developing country or countries.
2015 Call for Nominations is closed


Jan Tinbergen Competition for Young Statisticians: The Jan Tinbergen Awards are for best papers by young statisticians from developing countries. Up to three awards are made for each WSC.
2015 Call for Papers is closed




ISI Service Awards:


World Bank Fund Awards for WSC participation:

Announcement and 2015 Call for Nominations 




ISI Association Awards

ISI Associations also have awards and competitions. Some take place every year and may be presented at an Association conference. All Associations have the opportunity to present their awards at the Awards Ceremony during the WSC week. For detailed information on each award, please follow the links provided below.


Bernoulli Society

Wolfgang Doeblin Prize 

Prize for Outstanding Survey Article in Probability or Mathematical Statistics 

Itô Prize Winner is announced

Francisco Aranda-Ordaz Prize 

Ethel Newbold Prize 


International Association of Official Statistics

IAOS Prize for Young Statisticians


International Association for Statistical Computing

Data Analysis Competition 2014

Homage Award (forthcoming)


International Association for Statistical Education

Best ICOTS paper by an early career author

- International Statistical Literacy Project

Poster Competition: Competition for 2014-2015 is closed.

Best Cooperative Project Award: Competition for 2015 is closed.


International Association for Survey Statisticians

IASS Cochran-Hansen Prize 2015


International Society for Business and Industrial Statistics

Young Statistician Award for the Best Paper (forthcoming)

Best y-BIS Poster Awards (forthcoming)


The International Environmetrics Society

Abdel El-Shaarawi Young Researcher's Award:

2014 Call for Nominations



Award Ceremonies

The brochures and Awards Ceremony presentations at previous World Statistics Congresses are available to view:


ISI & Associations' Awards 2014-2015


2013 Awards Brochure

ISI & Associations' Awards 2012-2013


2011 Awards Brochure

ISI & Associations' Awards 2010-2011