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ISI Director's Message December 2013 

The Director reviews ISI’s accomplishments in 2013 and looks ahead to the new year More>>

Published 16 December 2013


59th ISI WSC 2013 in Hong Kong

  • Watch the Videos of Ceremonies and the Presidents Invited Speaker on YouTube! More>>
  • Additional photos are now available on the Congress website. Please click “More photos are available here” at the end of the web page. More>>
  • Report on Women’s Networking Reception More>>

Published 11 December 2013


ISI Committee on Statistical Capacity Building publishes white paper

The white paper gives a brief background and outlines some topics in the area of Statistical Capacity Building (SCB) for the ISI. It is intended to lead to the development of concrete actions for SCB in developing countries and regions by ISI. The document outlines possible activities and modalities of ISI involvement including financing of those activities. More>>

Published 2 December 2013


ISI Regional Network for South East Asia

The ISI Regional Network for South East Asia organised a very successful two-day Workshop on Writing and Communications in Research in November. Read about the Workshop and the co-organisers who made this event possible. More>>

Published 2 December 2013



News from The World of Statistics

Dec. 30 issue: On behalf of the Steering Committee, Ron Wasserstein sends congratulations to all for a successful International Year of Statistics. More>>

Published 30 December 2013


2013 International Year of Statistics

  • Dec. 16 Issue: Announcing the prestigious International Prize in Statistics, the World of Statistics can be followed at Twitter @astatworld and events around the world. More>>
  • Dec. 2 Issue: International Year of Statistics has entered its last month but will continue as The World of Statistics! The new website will be ready by the end of January. More>>
  • As part of celebrations of the Year of Statistics 2013 the ISI Central EurAsia Outreach Committee organized an International conference "Modernization of Economics and Social Spheres in Russia and CIS Countries: Quantitative Research Methods". The event took place in Plekhanov Russian University of Economics (Moscow, Russia) on December 4-6th, 2013 and attracted a lot of students and young scientists. More>>
  • Special Announcement: Future of the Statistical Sciences Workshop – Recorded Sessions Online! More>>
  • A mini-festival on statistics in Hollywood films was held in Mexico in mid-November. More>>
  • Read about ISOSS celebrating its Silver Jubilee and the 2013 International Year of Statistics. More>>
  • Past newsletters can be viewed here. More>>

Published 17December 2013


International Statistical Review

The December 2013 issue is now available. More>>

Published 3 December 2013


Deceased Members and Obituaries

Professor David Sprott More>>

Published 17 December 2013


ISBIS News December 2013

Call for Papers for the ISBA-George Box Research Workshop on Frontiers of Statistics More>>

Published 4 December 2013


IASC News December 2013

  • Call for presentations of the 8th International Conference on Partial Least Square and Related Methods (PLS 2014). The submission of abstracts closes by December 27th, 2013. More>>
  • IASC welcomes job opportunities to be announced on its website. The website of IASC has a new section to post computational statistics job offers from academia, institutions and private companies. More>>

Published 5 December 2013