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60th ISI WSC 2015 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

  • Call for proposals for IPS and STS for the 60th ISI WSC 2015 in Rio de Janeiro. The Chairs of the Scientific Programme Committee and Local Programme Committee invite you to submit proposals for Invited Paper Sessions (IPS) by 1st of December 2013 and Special Topic Sessions (STS) by 16th of May 2014. More>>

Published 23 October 2013


New ISI Committee on Statistical Capacity Building (SCB Committee) starts its work

The ISI Council created the ISI Operational Committee on Statistical Capacity Building. The SCB Committee Chair would like to receive your replies to point 2 in the Action Point list. Read more about the Committee and its work. More>>

Published 21 October 2013


2013 International Year of Statistics

  • Oct. 21 Issue: The Stats2013AtSchool Quiz is fun for teachers and school children; Sign up for the Unconference on the Future of Statistics to take place on Google Hangouts with a live stream on YouTube on October 30th; Give your input and submit a brief statement for the Future of Statistics Sciences Workshop to take place in London in November; Participate in the Statistics2013 Photo Contest for secondary school students; Submit events planned for the 2014 year; and Nominate a Statistician of the Week! More>>
  • Read about the 28th National Forum of Statistics in Mexico co-organised by the Mexican Statistical Association and the National Institute of Statistics and Geography More>>
  • Concert Music and Probabilities in celebration of Statistics2013 was held in Mexico last month, read the summary. More>>
  • Elseviers opens freely available statistics articles. More>>
  • Past newsletters can be viewed here. More>>

Published 23 October 2013


Deceased Members and Obituaries

  • Professor Dr. Heinrich Strecker More>>
  • Professor Mireille Bardos More>> 
  • Dr. Claude Sauvageot More>>

Published 30 October 2013


ISI Membership Elections 2013

Third Round Results: Names and Nationalities of 13 Newly Elected Members. More>>

Published 17 October 2013


IASS and Joint IASS-IAOS Call for IPS Proposals for ISI WSC 2015

You are invited to submit proposals for IASS and joint IASS-IAOS Invited Paper Sessions in WSC 2015 in Rio de Janeiro. Deadline 8 November 2013. More>>

Published 23 October 2013


TIES News October 2013

  • You are invited to submit proposals for TIES Invited Paper Sessions in WSC 2015 in Rio de Janeiro. Deadline 17 November 2013. More>>
  • TIES invited session to be held at the ASA Joint Statistical Meeting More>>

Published 23 October 2013


IAOS News October 2013

  • All IAOS members are invited to present proposals for Invited Paper Sessions at the 2015 World Statistics Congress in Rio de Janeiro. Deadline for submitting proposals is 8 November 2013.
  • The 2014 Young Statisticians Prize of IAOS is open for applications.
  • Anyone interested in being a theme or session organiser for the IAOS 2014 Conference (DaNang, Vietnam) should contact Debbie Tse. For those proposing to contribute papers, the deadline for submission of abstracts is 31 January 2014.

Published 21 October 2013


IASC News October 2013

Read about the upcoming and past events in the IASC news bulletin. More>>

Published 14 October 2013


ISBIS News October 2013

  • As announced in the January 2013 issue of the ISBIS Newsletter, ISBIS has produced a video to promote the role of Statistics in Business and Industry for celebrating the International Year of Statistics 2013. Please watch it online at: Youtube
  • Read about the 8th International Conference PLS2014 and the new ISBIS representatives. More>>
  • Final Report on the Joint Meeting of Young Business and Industrial Statisticians (y-BIS 2013), Istanbul, Turkey, 19–21 September 2013. More>>

Published 15 October 2013


Bernoulli Society's News October 2013

One Bernoulli Society President passes on The Book to another President: The Story Behind The Bernoulli Book. More>>

Published 26 September 2013