The ISI Permanent Office


The ISI Permanent Office (PO) is located on the premises of Statistics Netherlands in The Hague - Leidschenveen. With 8 staff members and 1 volunteer, the Permanent Office serves the ISI members, the ISI Executive Committee and Council and the ISI Associations and Committees.


Staff of the ISI Permanent Office


Ada van Krimpen

Ada van Krimpen


As Director of the ISI, Ada is responsible for the management of the Permanent Office and is the Executive/Treasurer of the ISI and Secretary to the Executive Committee and Council. Ada is responsible for implementing the decisions and policies of the ISI as determined by the Executive Committee and Council. She  is also Executive Secretary of Bernoulli Society, Institutional/Ex Officio member of the Executive Committee of the IASE and Treasurer of the IAOS. Ada works Monday through Thursday.

Shabani Mehta

Shabani Mehta


Shabani is the Assistant Director/Operations Manager. She is the focal point for the ISI World Statistics Congresses and various funding initiatives. Shabani works for the ISI Executive Committee, ISI Council, ISI Associations and several ISI Committees. She is also Editor of the ISI website and monthly news items.

Liliana Happel



As Project Officer, Liliana is responsible for various projects concerning ISI publications, (short) courses and workshops. As Editorial Coordinator, she is responsible for the ISI flagship journal International Statistical Review and Book Reviews.  Liliana is the liaison for the ISI Publications Committee, Nominations Committee, Membership Elections Committee and Short Course Committee, and assists the Director with staff matters.

Justin van der Veeke

Justin van der Veeke


As ISI Webmaster, Justin takes care of the development and management of the ISI website and the websites of the Associations hosted by ISI. He takes care of IT-related issues in the office as well as IT support for members, postal and electronic mailings, electronic votings and the extensive ISI history archive. Justin works Monday through Thursday.

Michael Leeuwe



Michael is the Finance Manager at the ISI. His job is to keep track of the ISI and Associations’ finances, the accounting and reporting to the Executives and Councils, and the electronic payment system. Michael organizes the yearly invoicing of the ISI and Association members and registration of the payments. Michael works Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays.

Margaret de Ruiter-Molloy



Margaret is the ISI’s Membership Officer, her main responsibility is the maintenance of  the  membership database. She manages all ISI and Associations' memberships and does the administration for institutional, corporate and affiliate memberships. She produces records and reports on the status of the ISI and Associations' memberships. She liaises with publishers regarding ISI and the Associations’ journals that accompany the memberships. Margaret works Monday through Thursday.

Rigselyn Jackson-Hortencia

Rigselyn Jackson-Hortencia


Rigselyn is the Financial Assistant at the Permanent Office. Her tasks include processing membership payments and keeping the administration in good order. Rigselyn works Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays.

Olivia van Dijck-Timbol

Olivia van Dijck-Timbol


Olivia is the Management Assistant at the Permanent Office. She assists the Director and office staff with administrative matters, supports membership acquisition activities, and manages ISI Elected membership applications. Olivia works Monday through Wednesday.

Gerrit Stemerdink


Gerrit has been a volunteer at the Permanent Office since 1994. He provides support to the ISI staff on various projects and assists with keeping the ISI membership database up to date. He advises the Director on issues related to the ISI website and matters concerning the history of the ISI. Gerrit works on Wednesdays.


Interns Interviews

Read about the experiences of Ms. Seungjin Lee and Ms. Souhee Lee, who worked in the ISI Permanent Office for 4 weeks in 2012.


Services of the Permanent Office

A brief overview of the services the Permanent Office might provide:

  • Administration of ISI and Associations’ membership data and membership fees

  • Providing up–to–date information through the ISI website (isi– and news features

  • Hosting and updating of websites of Associations

  • Assistance with editing and lay–out of publications

  • Administration of publication’s subscriptions

  • Assistance in preparing conferences, courses, etc.

  • Safe electronic payment for membership fees

  • Assistance in liaising with publishers

  • Providing information about and contacts with National Statistical Societies and international organisations