ISI Committee on Agricultural Statistics


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1. Objectives and Expected Products


To promote the development of and interest in agricultural statistics on an international basis.


2. Composition


• Chair & Vice-Chair

- Chair: Pietro Gennari, Director, FAO Statistics Division, Via delle Terme di Caracalla, 00153 Rome, Italy

Phone: (+39) 0657053599

E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


- Vice-Chair: Michael Steiner, US Department of Agriculture


• Members

- Redouanne Arrach, Morocco

- Flavio Bolliger, IBGE, Brazil

- Gero Carletto, World Bank

- Cynthia Clark, US Department of Agriculture

- Pedro Díaz Muñoz, Eurostat

- Naman Keita, Mali 

- Éva Laczka, Hungarian Statistics Office

- Romeo Recide, Philippine Statistics Authority

- Samia Zekaria Gutu, Central Statistical Agency of Ethiopia


- Shabani Mehta, International Statistical Institute



3. Meetings

The minutes of the meeting that took place in New York on 6th March 2014 are available.